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How we started...


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It all started with a young girl named Jade growing up in Detroit, MI, learning to bake at her grandmother's side as she made all types of desserts when she would go visit. Her grandmother was a skilled baker and everything always tasted yummy. Little did Jade knew that this would be the spark of a great talent within her. She always admired her grandmother for this skill and would look through all the hundreds of recipe books for things she wanted to try and make. Jade loved to play with her Easy Bake oven as a child. In high school, she would come home and bake box cakes mainly so that she could eat them but she tried over and over to perfect the craft - the look and taste of "the best box cake ever". She would practice this over and over and pretend to be an expert cake decorator as she used a butter knife to smooth out the store-bought icing. Jade went on to attend Spelman College in Atlanta, GA. There she would bake cookies for study buddies and they loved them! At that point some people began to mention to Jade, "you should make this a business". Jade thought, "that would be a cool dream but only a dream, no one can make money as a baker, I must get a degree and make real money". So she did. She graduated with a Computer Science degree and went into the field of Information Technology. Jade continually came back to baking. Rum cakes soon became her speciality. She baked as a hobby and for events then people started asking her to bake for their events and offering to pay her so she did it when there was a request. She decided to take a step further in the pursuit and took a job as the assistant to Karen Portaleo of Highland Bakery in Atlanta. She learned a lot from this amazing experience. Jade currently works as a web developer and has finally decided to pursue her dream of baking and cake decorating with starting Jadey Cakes. This dream continually follows Jade so she has decided to cast the fear aside and see where it goes. She has had several clients over the years including being featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, birthday cake for Angie Stone and baby shower cake for Darwin & Traci Hobbs. Jade hopes that she can inspire others to pursue their dreams and go back to whatever keeps calling them.

-- Jadey Cakes

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